What is Prezi?

Prezi is a powerful presentation tool that takes PowerPoint presentations to the next level. Prezi provides the user with a zoomable canvas from which he/she can create a captivating story through the use of text, images, video and sound. The ability to group content, create paths, zoom in on important details, and zoom out to see the big picture allows the user to design a journey for the viewers that fosters curiosity and engagement. From an educational standpoint, it is the ultimate presentation tool for the non-linear learner.

Additional Reasons to Love Prezi

  • Free- Educator licenses available.
    • Click here to register for a free educator account.
  • Private- With the educator license, prezi presentations can be kept private.
    • With this feature, users do have the ability to generate a unique URL for the presentation. With that specific URL, any prezi presentation can be viewable. This is a great feature because you can choose not to have your prezi publicly accessible but you can still share it with anyone by providing them with the URL.
  • Portable - Prezi presentations are stored in the cloud and can be played on any computer with internet access.
  • Downloadable - If there is no internet access available while you are presenting, prezi presentations can be downloaded and played offline. The only caveat is that embedded YouTube videos require an internet connection to play.
  • Collaborative- One of the greatest features!
    • Two or more people can edit a prezi synchronously on different computer, from anywhere around the world!
    • A prezi can be presented virtually. This is totally awesome! If students have computers, the instructor could guide the students through the presentation right on their computer. This would allow every student to have a perfect view of the content being presented. The teacher can also "hand-over" the presentation to different students, and they could guide the rest of the class through it.
  • iPad friendly - Though prezis cannot be built on the iPad, the Prezi Viewer App is a great tool for presenting prezis on the iPad.
  • Click here to read more about advantages and disadvantages of using Prezi.

The Anatomy of a Prezi

Click here to view and download a copy of "The Anatomy of a Prezi" for the classic Prezi interface.
Click here to view and download a copy of the Anatomy of a Prezi document that's embedded below. This document highlights the updated Prezi interface.

Prezi Video Tutorials

Getting Started with Prezi
In this video tutorial, you will learn the following features of Prezi:
  • Move, Scale, Rotate
  • Zooming
  • Path

Grouping and Layering Prezi
In this video tutorial, you will learn the following features of Prezi:
  • Frames
  • Grouping
  • Send Back, Bring Forward

Sharing Your Prezi
In this video tutorial, you will learn the following features of Prezi:
  • Invite to View
  • Invite to Edit
  • Publish

Prezify your PowerPoint!
If you're interested in reinventing your PowerPoints but aren't ready to completely build everything from the ground up, check out this awesome 3 minute video from the folks at Prezi. The video walks you through how to prezify your PowerPoint in seconds.

Click here to access the official user guide to Prezi. This user guide includes both video and text tutorials.

Tips and Ideas for Creating an Effective Prezi

  • Click here to view a one-sheeter that highlights 5 tips for creating an effective Prezi. This would be great to share with students.

  • Click here to view this document in another window and download a copy of it.


  • Day in the Life of a Discovery Educator, Steve Dembo
    • This is an example of a prezi that has been made public to allow other users to create a copy.
    • Below is my Back to School 2012 presentation for AP Macroeconomics. Using Steve's template as a framework, I think it turned out well!

  • Digital Storytelling 2.0 with Discovery Education Streaming

  • This example, created by the folks at Prezi, shows the power of prezi as a pedogogical tool. Check it out!

  • These two examples were created by students who are currently studying Italian with Ms. Deferre.

  • These two examples were created by students who are currently in 9th grade Pre-AP English with Ms. Link.

  • This example was created by a student in Ms. Bell's Pre-AP World History I class.