Due Date: October 27th(*uploaded to Edline)
For this assignment, a series of benchmarks have been developed.
The benchmarks are worth 40 points, and the final PowerPoint presentation will be worth 100 points.
The total possible points for this assessment will be 140 points
This will be a significant part of your marking period grade, therefore it is imperative that you complete
ALL benchmarks ON TIME, and submit the PowerPoint presentation to Edline by the due date (October 27th).

Here is a copy of the assignment and grading rubric:

Here is a copy of the work schedule and pacing guide (ALL Benchmark deadlines are listed on this document):

Here is an online resource guide for finding artifacts: Miss Brown's Diigo List

Click here to download the Technology Tutorial and view it in PowerPoint.
View it in PRESENTATION MODE if you want to see the "non-linear actions" working:

Click here for a sample Artifact Slide + Artifact Evaluation Slide: