What is Diigo?

  • Diigo is a Digest of Internet Information, Groups, and Other stuff.
  • It is a cloud-based tool that allows users to collect, highlight, access, and share a variety of information, on a variety of devices.
  • Diigo is essentially two services in one:
    • Collaborative research tool
    • Knowledge-shared community and social content site

Evolution of Diigo Over Time

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Two Powerful Ways All Educators Should Utilize Diigo
  • (1) Personal Research Tool
    • Bookmark, highlight and add sticky notes on webpages
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    • Archive pages forever and make them searchable, too
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    • Organize items by tags or lists
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    • Search and access bookmarked items from anywhere, anytime
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  • (2) Group Knowledge Repository
    • Create a private or public group for your PLC or class
    • Aggregate and organize resources using group bookmarks
    • Use group stick notes for asynchronous discussion
    • Use the group tag dictionary to enforce tagging consistency
Creating an Account
  • Visit www.diigo.com and select “Join Diigo” to get started.
  • Once your account has been established, you can apply for an Educator upgrade here.
Installing the Diigolet Toolbar
  • This toolbar makes it easier to bookmark new content in Diigo. To add the Diigolet toolbar to your web browser, go to https://www.diigo.com/tools/diigolet and follow the step by step directions. *This toolbar is recommended for your school computer as no installation is required.*
  • Alternatively, you can download this toolbar for some more advanced features: https://www.diigo.com/tools/toolbar

Importing Bookmarks

  • Already have bookmarks on another social bookmarking site (i.e., delicious) or in your favorites on your web browser? Visit this website to import those bookmarks into Diigo: https://www.diigo.com/tools/import_all

Other Advanced Features

Using Diigo on Other Devices

Other Diigo Resources

Diigo for Educators

Diigo One-sheeter

  • Click here to download a one-sheeter that contains all information on this page.