Project Guidelines:

Setting the Stage

  • Prior to the production of student VoiceThreads, we learned about Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, and Daoism.

    • We explored these topics using Discovery Education streaming video segments and encyclopedia articles. We also used our textbook and other credible digital resources.

What Students Are Saying Microphone_01.jpg

What made this project most meaningful to you?

  • “We got to narrate the project which is unusual so it was great.”
  • “I liked the fact that we were able to be active in our project.”
  • “Getting to learn more about other cultures.”
  • "It encouraged me to know more about different religions and helped me know that other religions can be fun to learn about."

What worked well?
  • “How we all worked together.”
  • “The project helped me review what we studied and helped me put all of it into my own words.”
  • "The project encouraged us to be creative and use storytelling to learn about religions."

We Want Your Feedback!

  • We invite you to click on any of the links below to view our student-produced VoiceThreads on Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism.
  • You can leave comments on any slide of any VoiceThread.
  • Follow the below for getting started!

Ethan, Grace, Bella
Victoria, Shemar, Sha'Navia
Savannah, Hayley, Bahar
Neha, Ahlam, Ester
Jason, Tristan, Brandon
Carlito, Michael, Pablo
Nadia, Denisa, Britteny
Lindsey, Marcela, Ana
Calixto, Isaac, Isaiah
Leyla, Danee, Sam

Aneesa, Janel, Alexa, Sam
Manpreet, Tara, Tiffanie
Jacquelyn, Cristina, Catalina
Joaquin, Shadaf, Justin
Maggie, Hannah, Alan
Ray, Jason, Keyon
Joe, Joseph, Bryan
Katelyn, Nadia, Paige
Nancy, Nelson, Namon, Stephanie

Sabrina, John, Michael
Meghan, Joyce, Rebecca
Charlotte, Brianna, Teja
Jason, Russell, William, Nina
Kierra, Phil, Kassandra, Dashab
Mariah, Neil, Josh
Olivia, Megan, Nicole
Steven, Stephen, Jose
Darinka, Angelica, Marie - in progress
Amanda, Cynda, Maria - in progress