Using QR Codes in the Classroom

Bulldog Tech Challenge #3

What is a QR Code?

  • A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode. When scanned, a QR code can link to websites, video content, images, and lots of other data types.
  • QR codes can be scanned by mobile devices with a camera and a pre-installed QR reader (app).

Suggested QR Code Readers (there are lots more!)

Suggested QR Code Generators (there are lots more!)

The video embedded below demonstrates how to quickly and easily generate QR codes using QR Stuff, QRPhoria, Delivr, and Click here to be re-directed to the video.

  • QR Stuff
  • QRPhoria
  • Delivr
  • - When you shorten a URL with Google's URL shortening tool, a QR code is automatically generated. To find it, click on the "details" link after your shortened URL has been made. One benefit of this tool is that it tracks "scans/clicks" so you can see how many students are visiting the data that you have linked to the QR code.
  • QR Voice - Click here for a tutorial.

Integration Ideas

  • PWCS Employees, click here to be re-directed to an editable version of this presentation. You are encouraged to add your own integration ideas at the end of the presentation!
  • Non-PWCS employees, click here to be re-directed to the presentation.

Additional Resources

  • Click here to view my Diigo page of additional QR code resources.
  • The LiveBinder shared below was created by Steven Anderson. It is included on the Diigo list but is also worthy of being embedded below. To date, it has had 157800+ views!