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Click here to view Bulldog Tech Challenge #2 - Content Creation on the iPad

Getting Started

  • If you're new to the iPad, check out this basic tutorial that will provide you with tips and strategies needed to use the device efficiently and effectively.

Student Contract for iPad Use

  • When using iPads with students, the critical first step is to outline the project expectations and guidelines for acceptable use.
  • The key components to a student contract for iPad use include:
    • A project overview - a brief snapshot of the assignment (1-3 sentences)
    • iPad Permissions - a list of the approved apps for the assignment (this is critical)
    • Partner assignment (if applicable)
    • iPad # for the project - this holds students accountable for their device
    • Statement for iPad use with student signature
  • Click here to view a sample contract.

Apps by Subject Area

Click on any of the icons shown below to view a list of iPad apps on our school devices. All descriptions were taken from the iTunes Store.1.png 6.png 5.png2.png 4.png 3.png7.png

Meeting the needs of English Language Learners

  • iPads offer more assessment possibilities than just writing.
  • Focus on non-traditional means of assessing students (i.e., through the use of speaking and/or creating images). This is particularly useful when language doesn't come easy to a student.

Featured Content Creation Apps

Book Creator App
BookCreator can be used to create eBooks. The user can choose a book size, add/resize pictures and video, add embedded voice-over narration, add text, hyperlinks and much more! Books can be viewed on an eReader or exported as PDFs and viewable on any computer.

Integration Ideas
  • Publish science labs
  • Create interactive books for virtually any type of content
Comic Life App
Comic Life App.jpg
Comic Life is a premium comic book builder that allows you to add multiple pages, and choose from a variety of templates, speech bubbles, fonts and layouts.

  • This is a great article that showcases how the Comic Life App can be used at every level of Bloom's.
  • Click here for examples of comics in education.

Other Integration Ideas:
  • Create a character analysis
  • Develop a historical timeline
  • Graphic organizer
  • Creating and telling stories
  • Recreating an event
  • Use as a visual representation of event and/or issue
  • Summaries
  • Storyboarding
  • Visual Representation
  • Creative writing
Animoto App
Animoto Image.png
Animoto is a digital storytelling tool that allows you to quickly create videos using images and video footage saved to the camera roll, as well as limited text.

Integration Ideas:
  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
  • Movie trailers
  • Dramatizing pieces of literature
  • Story constructed from still images
  • Click here for more ideas on my Digital Storytelling 2.0 wiki page.
Sock Puppets Completesock_icon.png
With Sock Puppets Complete, students can create their own lip-synced "virtual" puppet shows. They can include up to 4 characters, and up to 4 backgrounds. The only limitation to this app is that videos cannot exceed 90 seconds.
Educreations App
Educreations is an exciting app that transforms the iPad into a recordable whiteboard. It records voice, handwriting and also allows the user to insert pictures to produce personal video lessons that can be shared online. Students can create individual accounts linked to you. It's a great tool for assessing student knowledge, particularly English language learners. Students are able to apply every level of Bloom's verbally and through illustrations with this app.

Contact your ITC for generic student accounts to use with Educreations.

Integration Ideas:
  • Have students "show you" want they know by creating voice-over presentations.
  • Have students solve math problems and explain each step of the process.
iTalk PremiumScreen Shot 2014-11-17 at 12.11.27 PM.png
iTalk Premium is a simple audio recording app.

Integration Ideas:
  • Have students record podcasts on a variety of class topics.
  • Have language learners practice fluency.
  • Have students produce a radio broadcast based on a historical event.
  • Have students write and record short stories.
  • Have students conduct historical interviews.

This is a paid-for app currently available on iPad Cart 3.
Idea Sketchideasketch.png

Idea Sketch lets you easily construct a mind map/concept map that incorporates both text and images.

Integration Ideas:
  • Have students visually represent a plan.
  • Use as an alternative to traditional "outlining."
  • Have students construct graphic organizers to better understand concepts.

Popplet Lite is another app that serves a similar purpose.
Haiku Deck App
Haiku Deck allows you to create simple presentations on the iPad that emphasize the visual element of a presentation by allowing a limited amount of text on each slide. For students, this really forces them to synthesize and concisely articulate their thoughts. When creating presentations, creative commons licensed images can be searched for directly in the app. Final presentations can be easily published to Haiku's website and/or sent via e-mail. They can also be exported as PowerPoint files.

Contact your ITC for generic student accounts to use with Haiku Deck.

Integration Ideas:
  • This app can be used as a PowerPoint/Prezi alternative for virtually any type of presentation.